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Image Resources are collections of inspirational content. They include detailed clipart images taken from the artwork of Mary Fleeson, photographs, prayers and other useful items that will enrich your own creative projects.

The first Resource was created as an offshoot to Mary's book 'Life Journey - A call to Christ-centred living'.
For that book we took details from the large pieces of artwork and used those details to illustrate the chapters of the book. The PC Resources software was originally created to be used at Spring Harvest Alternate Worship at Skegness in 2004 by the Northumbria Community and the first copies were sold there. It has proved very popular.

In the past it has been computer software to install and most recently downloadable content from www.lspcr.com
We are finally taking it back to its original packaging, and this product is a zip archive of all of the clipart and prayers. Download and extract to a folder on your computer and either browse for the Clipart folder or open the index.html file which will show thumbnails of all of the artwork and when clicked upon will open the associated large scale version. 

To see what's inside this collection click here.

Review: The earliest version (pre image selection software) was reviewed on www.echurchactive.net. We have included it here with their permission.

If you are looking for a huge bundle of original Celtic art with generous licencing, application for retreat days, home groups, services, church magazines and your own spiritual life, this is a bargain CD-Rom at £15.00. I have to say… I think it’s fabulous!

5 out of 5 stars

For the full review please click here. (will open in new window)


Usage License: ClipArt and Photograph License.

Lindisfarne Scriptorium grants you,upon purchase of the relevant content license, the rights to display the images in your Church or organisation's activities. You may use the clip art in not-for-profit publications such as Parish magazines and Church leaflets but not Web-sites. You may not use these images for any commercial purposes including any implication of them being your creation. You may not composite the images together except for display in your own events, you may not sell, hire, lease or re-sell any products derived from the words or imagery from this collection without written approval from Lindisfarne Scriptorium. These images are not free, they have taken Mary Fleeson a lot of time to create, please do not post them to websites or give them away.



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