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In 2015 we were invited to create a sacred space at the Retreat Association's National Conference and as part of that we took the Hold The Moment exhibition and added to the existing interactives. This is one of the new items produced for the Conference.

This piece is called 'Our Father', and is knotwork containing two versions of the Lords Prayer, one the traditiional and one based on a medieval tranlation.  Visitors were invited to remove their shoes and then walk the knots and pray. The activity wording was "There are two versions of the Lord's Prayer. Start at one corner and as you walk the prayer, bow your head and think of those close to you, your family, your children, your friends. When you get to the opposite corner, walk back, praying with head held high for the World."


We have had a lot of positive feedback about this activity and make it available for you to use in your Church or organisation.


This item is 180CM X 240CM (1.8 X 2.4 meter) and is printed on 550gsm PVC. It can be supplied flat with no finishing, with eyelets at the corner, with pole loops top/bottom and hemmed if required.


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