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Northumbria Community

The Northumbria Community describes a network of hugely diverse people, from different backgrounds, streams and edges of the Christian faith. We are united in our desire to embrace and express an ongoing exploration into a new way for living Christianly - a way that offers hope in the changed and changing culture of today's world.

Northumbria Community Logo
The Community of Aidan & Hilda The Community of Aidan and Hilda is a dispersed, ecumenical body of Christians who seek to cradle a Christian spirituality for today that renews the church and heals the land.  



Christian Resources Exhibition

The Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE) provides the ideal opportunity to find all the essential information or equipment your church requires. Nobody else brings together so many church suppliers, charities and mission organisations in one place at one time, CRE provides you with a range and choice of resources unmatched in the UK and the chance to make contact and network with people who really understand your needs.

Christian Resources Exhibition



Jeff Johnson

Jeff's music has always taken me on emotional journeys of of the mind and spirit. Jeff is a storyteller, a bard who will take you on exciting journeys with his music - look out especially for his collaborations with Stephen Lawhead ... brilliant!

Jeff Johnson
David Fitzgerald David's music and passion for Christ is a constant inspiration to me, his Lux Aeterna album inspired my piece of the same name.
David Fitzgerald
John Doan

'John Doan, one of the few masters of the rare twenty-string harp guitar, has performed with a diverse range of artists including...'

John Doan
Iona The band, not the place. Still producing pioneering and boundary pushing music.  



Holy Island Crossing Times

Official safe crossing times to the beautiful island also known as Lindisfarne. Please do not attempt to cross the causeway at any other time as the tide comes in very rapidly and is very dangerous.

The Crossing


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