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Created: 2008


That He may live in us and we in Him.


This piece draws words from an Eucharist service. The concept has always excited me, the idea that Jesus, God, is more than just beside me and all around me but that He is inside me, is amazing. His holy and perfect Spirit is enmeshed with my sinful & not-so-perfect spirit. Also the idea that He wants us to be so secure in His presence that we are living continually in His company is a little scary as well as amazing.

For the design I wanted to show ordinary people being in God’s presence. Jesus is more than life size in comparison to the people around Him to show His Godhead and he looks down to where his heart is open and people are invited to enter. The people are at different stages of their journey with Christ, some are struggling to hold on to the hem of his robe, trying to understand and desperately wanting to know more; some are diving into His heart, ready to give themselves completely; some are happy to be where they are for now; some scared to go further. Everyone has a golden Christ-shaped hole in them where He lives already, invited to be there at the very moment a person sought Him.

Printing and Sizing:

This item is 107mmX139mm and is printed on 215gsm glossy stock. Comparitive sizing with our A4 prints and other cards can be found by clicking here. Paper Sizes

Please note actual print margins may differ from the website displayed image. We have endeavoured to make the image as large as possible for the print so in some cases the margins around the print differ from the artwork shown.


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